How to Save Money on Your Roof with Regular Roof Maintenance

Every year homeowners spend thousands of dollars on roof repairs and replacements simply because of a lack of regular maintenance. What appears as a minor leak or gap in the flashing could expand and cause extensive damage not just the exterior of the home but also the interior. You can avoid unforeseen damages and costs by timely inspections and regular maintenance. Here is how you can save money on the roof through regular maintenance:

Prevention of Structural Damage

Regular maintenance of the roof can help you identify minor problems which if unchecked can cause major problems over time. So inspect for common roofing issues like:

  • Flashing defects
  • Corrosion (in metallic roofs)
  • Mold and rot
  • Debris such as leaves and moss, nails lying on the roof which can puncture the membrane of the roof
  • Clogged gutters
  • Loose shingles

Roof Inspection and Minor Costs versus Major Repair Work Costs

You can also save money through a thorough examination of your roof. By carrying out an inspection done by a licensed roofing contractor, you will only spend a meager sum on small repairs such as replacement of damages or missing shingles, which will prevent further deterioration of the roofing system. The average estimates of simple roof inspection is around $150 in contrast to thousands of dollars that you may have to spend on major repair work that simply arose because of not carrying out regular maintenance.

Save Money on Early Roof Replacements

Roofs that aren’t maintained regularly only live through half of their expected lifetime. The main reason of regular maintenance is the extension of the service life of a roof. Modern technologies have made it possible to increase the life expectancy of roofs. However, the life of a roof pretty much depends upon the materials used as well as on the conditions that a roof is exposed to. Improper maintenance and neglect can lead you to replace roofs earlier, which is a costly and unnecessary expenditure.

Carrying Out Regular Roof Maintenance at Opportune Moments

You can save a considerable amount of money by carrying out roof maintenance work during the time of the year when the costs of repair work are not skyrocketing. During winter time, roofing contractors aren’t as busy and could charge less. So, plan proactively and hire a licensed contractor for inspection and regular maintenance also make sure that you ask the contractors to break down the estimate by including the material which will be used in the repair work.

Keep the Roof Insulation Intact to Save Money on Energy Bills

Continual damage caused by roof leaks can damage the insulation of the house. Clammy insulation loses its R-value (seepages decrease the R-value to half approximately). Increased R-value means better insulation which prevents your HVAC systems from overworking – this means that you will be paying less on energy bills. The only method to determine if there aren’t any leaks is to carry out an inspection and then fixing problem areas, meanwhile saving huge amounts on utility bills in the long run.

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