Roof Replacement – What To Expect

“Your roof needs to be replaced.” The dreaded words no homeowner wants to hear. Roof replacements are costly, stressful, inconvenient, but necessary. A quality roof is the primary means to protect your family and your contents from the harsh Florida elements. With a little planning, research and due diligence on your part, you can be confident that your Jacksonville roof replacement project will be a success!

White’s Roofing Company believes in transparency, honesty and open dialog with all of our customers. For almost 20 years we have been the trusted roofing contractor for both residential and commercial clients’ throughout Northeast FL. We want every customer to be educated on the roofing process and what to expect when you are re-roofing your home or business.


Roof replacements are a complex job that is extremely messy. There is no other way to complete a re-roof project without making a mess! When tearing out an old roof, there will be a considerable amount of roofing debris and granules. We take every step necessary to limit the amount of debris on your property.

White’s Roofing Company always goes to great lengths to safeguard your landscaping, gutters, HVAC system and any other external features of your home from being damaged during the roof replacement process. We will also ensure that your property is left in exceptional condition and all roofing debris is cleaned and removed. We take the extra steps of metal detecting your yard to ensure all roofing nails are removed from your property and no trash is left behind.


Prior to starting a project we will consult with each client providing them with suggestions as to some things they may want to consider.

  1. We will suggest that all vehicles be removed from near the home. Preferably on the street away from the construction.
  2. Anything of value hanging on walls may want to be removed just as a precaution. Especially once we start hammering.
  3. If you have things of importance in the attic you may want to cover with plastic or a sheet as granules and debris can make its way in the attic during the re-roofing process.
  4. Always keep children and pets indoors during the roof install.
  5. If you have a play-set for children near the house, you may want to limit use until we are able to metal detect to ensure no roofing nails are in the vicinity of where your child plays.
  6. Not a necessary step, but due to the loud noise that accompanies a roof installation, you could alert your neighbors of the upcoming project. Letting them know to expect a lot of noise over the next few days.
  7. If you have small children that nap, this will disrupt their sleep schedules and you may want to plan for or expect them to be grumpier than usual.


When you work with a reliable Jacksonville roofing contractor like White’s Roofing Company, you can rest assured that your new roof will be installed properly to meet all FL building codes. At times during the removal of your old roof there are problems that can arise that need to be discussed with the owner. Typically it is rotten decking that needs to be replaced due to wood rot. If this occurs we will discuss all options with the client and any additional costs associated with replacing the decking.

Other issue that may arise is insufficient ventilation, structural damage; rotting chimney, etc…which are all issues that may be uncovered when your old roof is removed. Any roofing issues that are discovered, we will recommend the best and most economical course of action to make sure the integrity of your home and the structure of your roof is never compromised.


When you are ready to hire a Jacksonville roofing company for your new roof, we hope you contact White’s Roofing Company for a free estimate. Communication is key between any contractor and client, and we make sure you understand the process, what to expect, potential unexpected surprises that maybe lurking underneath your old roof and costs associated with the project. White’s Roofing Company specializes in residential, commercial and industrial roof installation services. We are committed to providing top quality service to every project. If you would like to speak with one of our roofing specialists, to go over options that best fit your project goals and budget, give us a call today for your free consultation (904) 220-5546.

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