Roof Repair or Replace

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

Your home is your largest investment you want to protect it with a strong roof. Most of us ignore our roof until an issue arises. It is not until we see water stains on our ceiling that we take notice. We then start to ask ourselves, can we repair the roof or do we need to replace it? Either way it can be a significant expense. We have listed 5 ways to help you determine whether or not a new roof is in your future.

Your Roofs Age

The age of your roof is a significant factor is helping you determine whether or not a new roof is needed. Living in Florida your roof is tested throughout the year with strong winds, severe thunderstorms and the scorching heat. An average shingle roof in Florida will last around 17-20 years. This does not mean that a shingle roof can’t last longer, however an older shingle roof will be begin to show signs or roof failure. If your roof continues to leak and is constantly needing repairs it is a good indicator you need a roof replacement.

Take Notice of Your Neighbors

When you move into a neighborhood, most of the homes are very close to the same age. If you notice your neighbors replacing their roof it could be a good indicator you also need a new roof. If several people are replacing their roofs within your neighborhood it could be a good gauge that your roof is coming close to the end of its life. Talk with your neighbors and see why they are replacing their roof, it could be for aesthetics, however the vast majority of the time it is due to an old compromised roof.

Inspect Your Gutters

If you have shingles you should check your gutters regularly. Living in Florida and the many Oak trees we have, debris can be a big problem clogging your gutters. If you gutters are not draining properly, it can lead to bigger issues for your roof in the future. Also if you notice granule from your roof collecting in your gutters that can indicate your roof is nearing the end. As shingles age they tend to lose more granules.

Wood Rot

Inspect your roofing system regularly. If you start to notice areas that are sagging or drooping it is a good sign that you have wood damage. Contact a licensed Jacksonville Roofing Contractor to inspect your roof and notify you of any problems he finds. If they notice rotting plywood, wet spots or soft spots in your roof it is time to replace your roof.

Roofing Contractor Jacksonville FL

There are many ways to tell if you need a new roof, however getting a professional opinion from a reputable Jacksonville roofer will help you understand the problems and the best course of action to take. Many times roofing contractors will identify problems with your roof where a repair makes more sense than a replacement. If it is recommended that a new roof is needed, you should ask your contractor the reasons and make an informed decision on replacing your roof. Waiting to replace your roofing system that is compromised can cause more harm to your home. It can lead to structural damage, interior damage and possible mold.

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