How To Be Ready When A Roofing Emergency Occurs?

Roofing Emergency in Jacksonville

Living in Florida we understand that severe weather can strike at any time especially during the summer months. Our roofs are our homes primary protection against the elements. When severe weather hits roofing emergencies can strike without notice. When an emergency does take place it can be a stressful situation that can put your home, its contents and your well-being at risk. There are several reasons a roofing emergency can occur, below are a few of the more common reasons:

  • An old roof can deteriorate over time due to harsh UV radiation exposure and extreme weather.
  • High winds can cause cracked, broken or missing shingles.
  • A tree limb falling on your roof during a storm.
  • Flashing failure around your chimney, plumbing vent pipes or skylights causing water intrusion.

Preventing Jacksonville Emergency Roof Repairs

It is virtually impossible to prevent all the causes in which a roofing emergency may occur, however being proactive can limit your chances of dealing with a real emergency. Below are some helpful tips and steps you can take decrease your chances and possible prevent a future roofing emergency.

  • Choose the Right Roofer Start doing your homework from now. You never want to make a rushed decision on choosing a roofing contractor because you have to deal with an emergency right away. Go online and search for reviews, look up their licensing and insurance information and ask family and friends who they use. Look for longevity. How long they have been in business and are they local? Ask them detailed questions to qualify them prior to hiring.
  • Be Proactive with Repairs. Once you’ve done your homework and have decided on a roofing contractor get a roof inspection done. If they find any issues with (damaged shingles, flashing issues, poorly installed ridge vents, etc…) get them fixed. It is better to deal with minor problems when they are identified, versus waiting until you have water intrusion entering your home. Small problems can become big problems and can be extremely costly. Addressing problems now can prevent damage and leaks in heavy rains or high winds.
  • Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy. You always want to know what you are protected against, your coverage amount, deductibles, etc…prior to an emergency. Understand the claims process so you are not caught off guard in the event you have to submit a claim through your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Know where Your Shut Off Valves Are You never know when an emergency will strike and what type of damage can occur. Learn where you main water, gas and electric shut off valves are. If you have significant roof damage you can minimize the risk of fire, flood and gas leaks to your home.

Roofing Contractor

White’s Roofing is a Jacksonville Roofer specializing in roof repair, roof replacement, and roof inspections for both residential and commercial properties. We are licensed and insured and have been serving northeast Florida for over 15 years. If you have an emergency roofing situation and need immediate assistance contact White’s Roofing today for a free estimate (904) 220-5546.