Why Is Proper Roof Ventilation So Important?

A roof’s ventilation system is an important part of your roofing structure. Proper ventilation provides a circulation of air (air intake and air exhaust) that helps your attic stay cooler in the summer and drier in the winter. This blog will discuss the importance of proper ventilation and the potential damage that can occur due to improper ventilation.

Importance of proper roof ventilation in Jacksonville

White’s Roofing is more than just your local Jacksonville roofer!  We are specialists with over 35+ years of experience in roofing structures and their importance to both structural integrity and proper ventilation. Your home’s roof ventilation system serves many purposes. A home with proper ventilation will avert excess moisture in your attic during the winter and release additional heat in the hot Jacksonville summer months. Roof ventilation systems are designed to allow fresh outside air to flow into the home (intake) and circulate the attic and then move the air back up and out again (exhaust).

Proper roof ventilation allows for the following:

  • Provides a dryer and cooler attic
  • Prevents moisture from being unable to escape wood beams, attic insulation, wood decking and even your roofing shingles.
  • Prevents wood rot
  • Prevents mildew
  • Prevents warping of your siding
  • Will reduce energy consumption by reducing HVAC use during the summer and heat use during the winter.

How do we get proper ventilation? This is the tricky part in determining the proper roof ventilation system for your home. It is not by simply adding additional vents, as that could actually be counter-productive to achieving proper ventilation. In fact, adding additional out-take ventilation without counter balancing with appropriate intake ventilation can cause a host of problems such as mold and mildew.

Properly installed home Roofing Ventilation in Jacksonville will give your attic a steady flow of air that will circulate the attic and then provides a way for it to escape.  This can be achieved by having proper soffit ventilation for the incoming air, then gable vents, deck vents, or ridge vents for your outtake ventilation or exhaust. Striking the right balance between intake and outtake vents is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your roof.

Improper Roofing Ventilation

If a home is not properly ventilated it can cause damage to your wood structure and premature aging of shingles. Below are some of the more common consequences of a poorly ventilated roof:

  • Premature aging of your roofs shingles
  • Cracking or bowing of the wood decking and potentially the structural wood due to excessive heat
  • Your homes A/C system will work harder due to excess heat that is stuck in the home, unable to escape
  • Mold growth around the roof, fascia, and potentially even the interior walls
  • Drywall issues inside your home– mold, mildew & peeling paint
  • Ceiling staining

At White’s Roofing, Jacksonville’s trusted roofing company, we have the experience and expertise to know that properly installing a new roof is much more than simply installing new shingles. Your home’s attic ventilation will play a crucial role in how your new roof will perform and most importantly last over time. It can also prevent expensive interior issues from arising.

At White’s Roofing we can inspect your current roofing system and let you know of any deficiencies that may be present with your current roof and ventilation system. If you are in need of professional advice or would like to learn more as to how White’s Roofing can help you, call us today at (904) 220-5546.