Can Getting A New Roof Save You Money on Your Homeowners Insurance?

Your homeowners insurance varies depending upon multiple factors. And to the insurance company you are planning to procure a policy from, the roof of the house matters a great deal. You might wonder why that is the reason. This is because the roof is one of the primary lines of defense of your home from harsh environmental conditions.

Insurers Point of View

The insurers have vested interest in the roof; so naturally, the homeowners insurance is based upon two things primarily:

  • The durability and soundness of the material used in the construction.
  • The replacement costs in event of a damage

The premiums that you may have to pay vary, depending on the location of your house as well as the particular insurance agency. So let us assume that your accommodation is near a zone susceptible to wildfires. In such a scenario, you may either have to pay huge sums on a roof that is made up of cedar or wood shakes, or may get a complete refusal from insurance companies. However, if the roof is made of fire resistant material, such as asphalt shingles or a metal roof, you may get incentives on the premium.

So if you are planning to replace the roof of your house, it is better to talk to an insurance agent in order to understand the impact that the new roof will have on your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Secondary Protection

Investing on an upgraded underlayment, which is basically a protective layering beneath the shingles of the roof, is a good idea. The underlayment provides better protection against humidity and moisture, consequently providing protection to the wood that is under the shingles. The most effective underlayment is synthetic, one that is created by polymer and poly propylene. It is water and vapor resistant, and is also stronger yet lighter than the existing roofing felt.

Shingle with Higher Wind Rating

When you are getting a new roof, check the shingle wind ratings. The higher they are, the better it is if you want to save money on the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Hurricane Straps

Another thing that affects the premiums that you pay on your homeowner’s insurance policies, is the way the roof is attached to the external house walls. The roofs are attached to the exterior walls in any one of the three following ways:

  1. Clipped
  2. Toe-Nailed
  3. Hurricane-strapped

The last one is the most effective strategy to keep the house secure in blustery weathers and strong high winds. Plus, there is a huge probability that you might save money on insurance.

Follow the Building Code

Complying with the modern building codes will also have a helpful impact on the home insurance policy rates. A new roof can definitely help you save money in this regard because it will conform to the most up to date building codes and will ensure your safety.

On an average, homeowners may have to pay $1000 per year on homeowners insurance. By getting a new roof you can save money and bring down the costs of the insurance policy you are procuring.

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