5 Signs You Need A Jacksonville Roofers Help

The roof of your home plays an important role in keeping your home safe, secure and protected from the elements. With that said it is usually the most neglected part of your home, as most people don’t make it a habit to regularly climb on the roof for inspection. Most of us typically ignore our roof until a problem arises and we have no choice but to repair it. Small issues can grow into large issues quickly. That is why it is important to keep your roof clean and well maintained to prolong its life. Below are 5 signs that will help you decide when you will need to contact a Jacksonville roofing contractor.

White’s Roofing has been servicing Jacksonville residents for almost 20 years. As a licensed roofing contractor we are experienced in inspecting your roof for damage – loose or missing shingles, compromised flashing, caulking issues, etc…In the event a storm has passed through our area it would be prudent to get an inspection to catch any issues with your roof immediately or any maintenance items that should be addressed.

Reasons that your roof may need to be inspected for damage or replaced.


Mother Nature is unpredictable. In the event your home or business has been in the path of a hail storm, windstorm, or a hurricane, it is imperative that your roof be inspected by a licensed roofer.  It is common for our Jacksonville Roofers to inspect a roof on a home or business where the owner was certain no damage was sustained, come to find out they had significant storm damage. Often time a roof is damaged prior to any leak being visible. That is why it is important for a trained roofing professional to inspect your roof after a strong storm, as we know the signs when a roof has been or is about to be compromised.


Just like all of us, things start to break down with age. The typical life of a roof is 16-18 years. If your home is a standard shingle roof that is over 20 years old, it would probably be a good idea to start to plan for its replacement. Due to our harsh climate and unpredictable weather in Northeast FL, even the best-installed roof will lose its effectiveness after 20 years. Even worse, if your roof was improperly installed and has poor ventilation, your roofs life expectancy will be even less.


Most of us are fairly observant, if you see things you think are not normal, you are probably correct. Your shingles should not be missing, bucking, tearing, curling, growing weeds out of them, water stains on your ceiling or drywall, etc…If you notice any of the following it would be a good idea to contact a Jacksonville Roofing Contractor and have your roof inspected.


Some roofing issues are obvious (leaks in the house, granules in your gutters, shingles missing or buckled, etc…). A little detective work can go a long way in identifying problems and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs if you find a problem before it is too late.


Make sure you inspect your attic for leaks on the ceiling and walls. You may identify a minor leak that can be easily corrected. A leak that is allowed to fester and grow and eventually shows itself on the interior of your home has now become a major leak and can cost a significant amount of money to fix.  Chimney leaks are extremely common and this occurs because the flashing is compromised and needs to be replaced.

As with anything, use common sense. If you think something does not seem right, you are probably correct. These are some of the more common problems that occur that can be a good indicator that your roof is in need repair or replacement. We highly recommend getting a roof inspection from a licensed Jacksonville roofing contractor like White’s Roofing. Contact us today for all of your roofing needs (904) 220-5546.

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